How do I Reduce my Phone Bills?

Most of us have a phone. This could be a land line or a mobile or both and we will have to pay for any phone that we use. The way the charges are made can vary and it is important to make sure that we understand how we are charged and then we can decide whether there might be ways to reduce those costs.

Line Rental

With a land line, you will have to pay a line rental charge. This is a fixed amount and is not determined by how much you use the phone. Some people choose not to have a land line phone because of this charge and the fact that they have a mobile phone that they use a lot more. However, some people feel that it is well worth paying because they use their land line a lot and are grateful for the service. Getting rid of your land line could save some money, but only if you rarely use it. If you replace all of the calls you normally make on it with mobile calls then this could cost you a lot more money. You would need to do the calculations to check for sure.

Cost of Calls

The cost of phone calls can be a significant amount. The phone providers tend to have different ways of charging for calls though. For example, on a land line you may find that calls are cheaper in the evening. You may be able to pay a monthly fee so that you can get free calls after a certain time in the evening, at weekends or even all of the time but you are often limited to an hour for each call. If you use a mobile phone then the cost of calls an vary depending on what provider you are with as well as the terms that you have with them. If you ‘pay as you go’ then you will pay per minute and you will normally pay the same whenever the call is made. If you have a contract then things are different.


With a contract you will be able to choose what sort of deal you want. Often you will get some free call as well as free texts and minutes of data. This means that you will be able to choose a package that suits how you use your phone. You will be able to make sure that you get the phone minutes that you need. However, if you tend not to phone much but use lots of data and texts, then you could find you are paying for calls you do not use. Or, if you do not use much data or send texts but call a lot you may decide to have a cheaper contract that only allows minimal amounts of these but then pay extra for the calls. It can be quite confusing at times to work out which one will be the cheapest as it is likely that you will not find one that matches your usage really well so you may have to pay for things that you do not need.

Reducing the Bill

This means that you will need to think about how much you use the phone to figure out how to reduce the bill. You could get rid of the land line if you do not really use it and then you will save on line rental. You could use the phone less and then if you are charged per call, you will pay out less money. You could consider changing to a different contract to one that will better match the way that you use the phone.

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